Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Event Horizon Is Coming Up Fast

This blog concerns itself with the rapdily approaching Event Horizon towards which this planet and all of humanity are more and more quickly tumbling. Either you see that something big is coming, or you do not. Most likely, if you are reading my blog, you are aware to some degree that we are in a giant, global, decision tree, and that a decisive fork in the road is coming up, or that we have already blithely zoomed past the fork in the road, and the die has already been irretrievably cast!

To wit: we will shortly experience either the very worst of times or the very best of times, but not both at the same time. Our future really is binary. 

At this point it doesn't matter much what Trump does or doesn't do, what he says or doesn't say. The same goes for Soros, Putin, Clinton or ♀, Bush  père or fils, Macron, Merkel, Yellen, Obama, etc.  -- none of them matter greatly in the grand scheme of things. Theoretically, they all could matter greatly, but in reality they do not matter much at this point. They are analogous to small children playing in a sand box with nuclear weapons and trillions of dollars worth of resources and squabbling and bickering over whose sand pail is whose, and whose sand castle is better, and who has the rights to which corner of the sand box and under precisely what, constantly changing, infantile terms.

You see, time has just about run out on us and the events that will be transpiring in the near future, which I am defining as the next six months to ten years, at the maximum, will be so staggering in their import that they will greatly exceed anything that any political party, national government, corporate consortium, religious movement, multi-billionaire(s) or central banking conglomerate can possibly meaningfully alter; even presuming that any of them had the desire and vision to do so, which in the main they do not, so the future results are baked in the cake, so to speak, and they will be highly nonlinear, not to say, spectacular.

Putting Things In Perspective

I say that because we live on a dying planet. Even if there is not a horrific, global economic crash or a shooting nuclear war in the coming months and years, we are still looking at a likely extinction of humankind within the next ten to fifteen years. 

It all has to do with the function of exponents, or, more precisely, with the exponentially accelerating rate of species extinction on this planet. 

By 2020 conservation biologists calculate that the world will lose two-thirds of all wildlife. The oceans are dying, because of factory fishing, toxic run-off from sewerage, industrial and agricultural pollutants, plastic accumulation, radioactivity from Fukushima, sonic pollution from military naval activities, and more. The great, tropical and boreal forests are being cut down, are disappearing. Urban sprawl and destruction of more and more countryside to provide resources for global, burgeoning, urban populations are leading to still more wildlife die-off. Think: strip mining of mountains and other large tracts of land for copper, coal, uranium, etc. and the resulting toxic run-off of water into streams and rivers, and ensuing loss of aquatic life  -- fish, crayfish, turtles, frogs, etc. Think: cutting down of forests for crop and pasture land, to feed an ever growing, global population. All of this implies massive habitat loss and die-off of more and more wildlife.

Until nature breaks down and doesn't work anymore. And we are moving into that zone right now.

I'll make it real simple and non-mathematical. If the first two-thirds of global wildlife will be dead within less than three years from now, the remaining third will not take 25 years to disappear. It will all go so very much more quickly than that. The remaining wildlife will vanish more and more quickly and the final unraveling of the global ecology will go by in a trice.

Of course, the human race is at the apex of the global ecological chain, so as the ecological chain fails, it's like any other chain -- as the links break, it suddenly is not a chain anymore and completely falls apart.


The end of humanity will thus be dizzyingly fast, chaotic and tumultuous, and will occur in the relatively near future, unless humanity as a whole does a radical, 180 degree turn in its thinking and behavior, which appears unlikely at this juncture. There are serious researchers such as Guy McPherson (look him up), who is a PhD biologist, by the way, who are estimating that humanity has ten years left and then it is all over. Dead at our own hands. A terminally stupid -- soon extinct species.

I live in South America and I have see the destruction of the Amazon forest at first-hand: logging (legal and illegal), illegal hunting, illegal collecting of exotic flora and fauna, legal and illegal clearing of forest for crop and pasture land, clearing of forest for roads, futbol fields, parking lots, residential housing, power line rights of way, etc. Add in more destruction of forest for legal and illegal mining, petroleum drilling, oil pipelines -- and you are looking at the death of the Amazon forest, a priceless biological and hydrological treasure. The same or similar is happening to the tropical forests in Asia, Africa and Central America. 

I am thinking again of the numbers which prognosticate an extreme, astonishing reduction in population numbers for many countries by 2025, nowhere more so than in the USSA, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Spain, France and Australia.

I surmise that over the next one to ten years the combination of war, economic failure, both natural and "un"- natural disasters, ecological collapse and the meteoric rise of A.I. and robotics will lay waste to a large swath of humanity

What is coming will be both spiritual and physical and will rock the world and humanity to the core, in every way. This is a great inflection point in the history of the Earth and the human race.

Anyone who has two, firing neurons can see what is looming up just ahead. 

The War Danger

War is a massive, violent, economic reset tool that so-called ruling "elites" have long used to get rid of large numbers of unwanted people. With the rise of A.I. and robotics and the concomitant obsolescence of the hundreds of millions of workers they will replace, and the coming wave of the many tens and tens of millions of retiring, post-WWII baby boomers, who will be expecting retirement pensions and social security payments from large corporations and government agencies --  well, if those hundreds of millions of displaced, permanently out of work "workers" and countless millions of retirees are physically obilterated and physically no longer exist then governments and corporations do not need to pay any pensions or unemployment benefits, now do they?

You see, war is a business, a very, very big business. It is all about the money, and clearing liabilities from the books, hundreds of millions of liabilities.

Then you can start over again, without having to worry about paying out all those trillions of dollars in pensions and benefits to many millions of pesky, elderly retirees and hundreds of millions of unemployed, grumbling, complaining, superfluous "workers" who will never work again.

And so you see the danger of a major war, to clear the corporate and national accounts of 750 million "liabilities".

I believe that the risk of something like a spectacular, multi-city, nuclear false flag attack is very real, to be falsely blamed on North Korea or Iran or Russia or ....  you fill in the blank, because those who stage the false attack(s) will certainly falsely point their finger at their preferred villain du jour.

If that happens, you can take it to the bank that whomever or whatever is blamed for the dastardly deed(s) is most probably not culpable. Were there to be a multi-city, nuclear attack, my immediate supsicion would fall on the same parties behind the 9-11 attacks: Israelis, Zionists, NeoCons, Mossad, CIA, NORAD, FBI, FEMA, Pentagon, etc.

Why? Because of their violent history of false flag attacks, especially including the events of 9-11.

A Supernatural  "Event" In Early 2018?

That said, reality is endlessly multi-facted and I have watched with interest the recent work of certain hypno-therapists, such as Allison Coe, some of whose clients over the last year or so, have taken to speaking in deep hypnotic trance of an approaching, world changing "Event" that will allegedly take place on Earth in the near future, perhaps as soon as early 2018. Assuming that these hypnotic sessions are not some sort of alphabet soup agency, Internet psy-op, then perhaps there will be a major, unforeseen event of unknown and unknowable character that will substtantially alter our reality in the next half year or year or  two.

Client QHHT Sessions: Supernatural Event Coming Soon?

I don't presume to know, one way or the other, what will happen. I am here for the ride, just like you. I will find out what happens, when it happens, along with everyone else. What I do presume is that we, humanity and the planet, cannot continue for much longer on our current trajectory. Something must massively change, for better or for worse, and it will.

Our future really is binary. 

1) Either things will get much better, and soon;

2) Or things will get much worse, and soon.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trumpty-Dumpty Will Have A Big Fall

In fact, Trump already completely debased himself last week by inking a ten-year, military arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $350 billion, essentially equivalent to anywhere from one-third to two-thirds of the Pentagon's annual, publicly reported budget, depending on how you calculate it. He then sank still lower by going to Jerusalem to don a yarmulke and visit the Wailing Wall, thus completing his descent into abject slavery to the Deep State.

Zionist fealty + big war bucks = globalist business as usual, with a heavy emphasis on the "business" aspect.

Because, you see, the USSA is a corporation and has been for a very long time. From the first beginning of the North American colonies established by the British Empire along the eastern seaboard of North America in the early 17th century it has been all about the money. The British Crown chartered the Virginia Company out of the City of London, which not so coincidentally occupies the same "Square Mile" that was established by the Roman Empire as its center of power in Britain 2,000 years ago and named Londinium, and nothing much has changed since. Same square mile, same (now Anglicized) name as 2,000 years ago, same ruthless imperial project of conquest and exploitation.

Fast forward four centuries, and you discover that notwithstanding all the pretentious jibber-jabber about democracy, liberty, human rights and other such highfalutin fiddle-faddle the so-called "United States" are, in reality, a corporation, including all of the subordinate agencies, departments, offices, bureaus, branches, etc. which are all, in their turn, also corporate entities. I wrote about this at length a year and a half ago at the following link, which I urge you to read and mentally digest.

If you explore the information I present, you will come to see that, in reality, there is not a "country" to be saved. The United States is a corporation and has been for a very long time. My research suggests that the Treasury Department, for instance, is a corporation, established in 1803 or 1804. The Senate is a corporation. The House of Representatives is a corporation. The Supreme Court is a corporation. The Executive Office of the President (The White House) is a corporation and the so-called "President" is the "President" or Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Office of the President.

It's all about the money, you see. 

The "loyalty to country" propaganda is carefully designed to fool the peasantry into being loyal to something which, in reality, exists only in their deluded minds. The hard, cold reality of the system as it is is wholly different.

The thing called the "United States" is a business. A very big, ruthless, hyper-violent, psychopathic business. And you are its commercial inventory. You have one or more commercial inventory identifying numbers or codes: military I.D., social security number, passport number, driver's license number, taxpayer I.D. number, etc. So why persist in the fantasy that you have a "country"? - when the harsh reality is that a corporation called the "United States" has you. That's the way it is.

Don't believe me? Didn't read the link? I won't recapitulate it all, but it is set forth in black and white in the fine print of the "United States Code". "Code" -- like computer programmers write code to make sure a computer program operates in a specified manner; same thing -- the United States Code is written to make sure that you behave in a specified manner. The "Code" is designed to ensure that you conform to the "United States" program. It assumes that you are programmable, and in fact, most people do behave as if they have been programmed and are automatons, automatically following a programmed "code." So here is what the "United States Code" says:

§ 3002 - Definitions(15)

(15) “United States” means— 

(A) a Federal corporation;                    

(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.


Right there it spells it out: the "United States" is a "Federal corporation", all of it. That's the foundation of it all. As usual, the devil is in the details, and they are indeed quite devilish, the better to enslave you, of course.

Given the ghastly history of the "Federal corporation" known as the "United States", why would God even want to restore it or save it or "Make America Great Again"? Why? -- so there can be more slavery, more wars, more genocide, more imperial conquest, more economic exploitation, more destruction of the environment?

The vast majority of my readers imagine that they are "citizens" (whatever that means) of the "United States" ( whatever those words really mean). A good many of my readers are also so-called "Christians" (whatever that word means). I wonder how many of them ever reflect on the words that the Christian Bible attributes to Jesus Christ (whom they claim to follow): "My kingdom is not of this world!" and also: "No man can serve two masters ..."

And yet over the last year and a half we have seen that millions of supposed "Christians" (whatever that word really means) have eagerly gone running after a worldly leader to "save" America and restore it to its former greatness (whatever that means). So which is it: do these "Christians" serve Jesus or Donald Trump? They can't have it both ways, not and remain faithful to the "Lord" they seem to want people to believe that they serve. Their own political behavior gives the lie to the "faith" which they claim to profess. Beyond which, their "Lord" is on the record in their own supposedly "Holy Bible" plainly stating that his kingdom is not of this world -- and yet they conflate duty to country, which is actually a "Federal corporation" as we have seen, with obedience to their heavenly "Lord", and never see the self-evident contradiction of their own, blatant hypocrisy.

The Problem With That

Making matters even worse, what it gets down to is that the system cannot even be reformed. Just cannot. The system itself is the problem. The so-called "American Way" is the problem. I think that even a lot of Trumpies are beginning to get that much. Just putting another man in the White House doesn't fundamentally change the system. It's all rotten to the core. I'll go further than that and say that it is profoundly wicked, even satanic.

For that reason alone, I feel no loyalty whatsoever to the "Federal corporation" known as the "United States." For that matter, why should anyone?  

I see it for what it is: an unspeakably evil "red-white-and-blue" monstrosity. 

Here lately, many Trump supporters have taken to saying that Trump is being attacked by the Deep State.

The reality of the situation is this: Trump himself loaded his government up with billionaires, Zionists, NeoCons, Goldman Sachs banksters and military-indutrial-intelligence complex apparatchiks.

And now that he is being sabotaged and treacherously undercut he is crying foul.

Listen to me: he chose many of these people himself!

Even Worse ...

To add insult to injury, he chose to retain corrupt Obama administration hold-overs like James Comey, the Director of the FBI, and Janet Yellen, the Chairwoman of the United States Federal Reserve, to cite but two prominent examples.

Trump then shilly-shallied and dithered for months, only firing Comey when it finally became obvious (to Trump) that Comey's agenda was in league with other nefarious elements of the Deep State who were opposed to a sea change in long-established anti-Russia policies, among other dark agendas.

Trump was elected with a mandate to drain the swamp, but has instead ended up swamping the drain. 

I'm not president of the "United States," and never will be; in fact, it is impossible for people who think as I do to get anywhere near a position of power in the "United States"; but were I to have been somehow elected President my first order of business on day one would have been to draft the following short letter:

"Dear Mr. Comey, thank you for your years of service as FBI Director. This is your last day on the job. Effective with receipt of this letter, please clean out your desk and exit the building. Your services are no longer required or desired. Sincerely, Richard Sauder"

And then I would have appointed someone like Trey Gowdy in his place and ordered him to go after the Clintons, Human Abadin, John Podesta and all of the rest of that rat's nest and to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

I would summarily fire the CIA director and appoint Ray McGovern in his place and have him go after and bring down the massive narco-trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, and so forth, that the CIA has been engaged in for the past half century.

I would summarily fire the NSA director and replace him with William Binney and have him rudely rein in the unconstitutional spying and sharply pare back the agency.

I would fire general "Mad Dog" Mattis and replace him with someone like General Taguba and have him start bringing the troops home and rolling back the Pentagon's assault upon humanity, starting with winding down the Pentagon's involvements in the Ukraine and Syria, abruptly defunding and disarming ISIS, demilitarizing the Korean peninsula, removing Pentagon forces from Japan and Germnay, etc. I would order General Taguba to reconfigure the USSA military from a global, imperial, occupation force into a smaller force, focused solely on defense of the geographical territory and coastal waters of the USSA.

I would summarily fire Rex Tillerson at the State Department and replace him with Dennis Kucinich and have him immediately initiate a process of rapprochement with Russia, a lessening of tension with China, a collaborative relationship with Latin America, and that is just the first month. 

I would summarily fire Trump's dimwit UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, and replace her with Cynthia McKinney, who is one hundred times smarter, comprehends the world infinitely better, and who actually understands how to speak truthfully.

I would put Ron Paul in at the Treasury Department with orders to issue constitutional money into the economy without interest, i.e., notes based on gold and silver, and gold and silver coins. I would have Trey Gowdy issue arrest warrants against Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke for running a global Ponzi scheme based on the issue of counterfeit currency, and have Ron Paul to manage the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank(s) and the IRS, which is simply a partner in crime, the collection agency, the bag man, for the Federal Reserve's century-long, multi-trillion dollar, money counterfeiting, global Ponzi scheme.

World denuclearization would be a very high priority at my Department of Energy. A strong global initiative to rid the planet of the nuclear scourge as rapidly and completely as possible would be a major thrust of my government. Uranium mining and milling, nuclear weapons, nuclear power reactors and spent fuel pools, nuclear waste dumps -- all of it would be targeted for elimination and clean up, using the best scientific and engineering know-how available.

Massive reforestation would be an urgent policy directive at the U.S. Forest Service, and would be vigorously promoted globally, in cooperation with other governments and tree planting organizations all over the world.

My Agriculture Department and Food and Drug Administration would put an abrupt halt to genetically modified crops and animals. The exclusive monopoly of the corrupt allopathic psychiatrists and M.D.s at the American Medical Association would be terminated, and other healing modalities such as chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, herbalism, Ayurveda, nutrient therapy, therapeutic massage, bioelectric therapy (not the hideous electroshock therapy!)and others would be more fully developed and available.

And so on, throughout all the agencies and departments.

I am perfectly serious about all of this. You see, if all of these things are not done, then we simply continue farther down the disastrous path we are currently traveling, towards a catastrophic crack-up that will wipe people out by the hundreds of millions and billions. That catastrophic crack-up is absolutely baked in the cake, unless the things that I have recommended are done. Lamentably, as it now appears, my recommendations will not be followed.

Trumpty-Dumpty In A Nutshell

Trump is not at all who people appear to believe him to be. Trump is part of the Deep State. Of course he is aware of the FEMA camps and the contingency plans for martial law that have been put into place. He'll be the one to ride herd over the sheeple when he is given the green light by his Deep State handlers.

Not that Hillary would be any different. Same slimy sh*t; slightly different odor. First the controllers play one side, then the other. Back and forth. And the gullible peons continue to vote and pay their taxes, because (allegedly) it's their "duty" (whatever that means).

They don't even know if their vote was counted, and if so, for whom. The black budget is so huge and so secret that no one has any earthly idea what all of the tax dollars are being spent for, and still the people hand the money over to the IRS by the hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. Complete slaves.

It's all rigged. See?

Trump's White House is in disarray. Does he even have any plan about what to do and how to govern? His government seems to be a chaotic hodge-podge of unrelated policies and whimsical, uncoordinated initiatives -- rudderless, in a word. He himself appears to have no strong, internal guidance of his own. It's bizarre.

Trump is just a multi-billionaire, reality show actor. Once you understand that you are simply watching the "Truman Show", er, I mean the "Trump Show," it all falls into place. Just reflect on the likely fate of Trumpty-Dumpty and it will all come into keener focus. He's like a Mexican piñata -- notwithstanding that he thinks he's the guy in charge. 

In reality, he's just in there to serve as cheap entertainment, a political foil, a place holder -- and to take the body blows of the news media and the political establishment until he can't take anymore and very publicly self-destructs. It's all content for the daily, political, carnival sideshow. Trump's actually not very street smart -- not nearly as cunning as someone like Hillary or Obama -- but equally as odious. They're all garbage. Why should anyone have any regard for any of them?

A lot of these "high"-level people are medicated, stupid, massively criminally corrupt, members of satanic orders, etc. Trump, Gov. Brown, Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Pelosi, Ryan, Graham, etc. They're there for a reason. They serve great evil.

Trump has already shown that he's simply not up to the job.

Casino businesses and hotels in New Jersey and Las Vegas speak to obvious mob connections. You can't move into the casino business in a big way in New Jersey and Vegas, as Trump did, without rubbing shoulders with mobsters. Just cannot. Casinos are massive money laundering operations. So who did Trump launder money for, and on what terms?

You cannot make ten billion dollars in the real estate business in New York City and not be mobbed up. Not possible.

Trump's mob ties may end up bringing him down. And while that distracting, carnival sideshow noisily plays itself out, plenty of other mischief will be going on just off stage. 

The Deep State has Trumpty-Dumpty exactly where it wants him. Bizarrely, Trump himself has connived to thoroughly ensnare himself in the Deep State's Machiavellian machinations. What comes next, within the coming two, three, four years will not be dull -- not if you manage to live through it.


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Gotham Shield 2017: Is The Deep State Planning Nuclear Fire Works?

In recent days there has been increasing buzz about an upcoming, multi-agency, emergency preparedness drill in the New York City area that has to do with training for a possible, nuclear, terrorist attack.

The multi-agency "training" exercise is called Gotham Shield 2017. Various phases of the drill are scheduled from the 18th of April to the 5th of May, beginning today, in fact, and running for the next two and a half weeks.

I will tell you frankly that it is my opinion that the danger of a nuclear false flag attack against a city in the USSA, or a series of attacks against multiple cities in the USSA is a very real and present danger. I have previously written about that threat here and here and explained my reasoning. My thinking has not changed.

If a nuclear detonation occurs in a city in the USSA, there is every possibility that it will be an inside job, exactly as the 9/11 attacks were. 

The shadowy power brokers now running the system in the USSA have no regard for life, for peace, for prosperity or for joy. 

To say that the power brokers now in charge of the corrupt machinery of the USSA government are demons is to unfairly slander the denizens of hell by comparison, as fallen as they may be.

Dear Friends, we are looking at the face of naked evil. That is how ghastly and putrid the government of the USSA has become. It is a clear and present danger not only to other nations around the world, but to the population of the USSA itself.

Gotham Shield 2017

The upcoming emergency preparedness drills have to do with responding to the *hypothetical* detonation of a 10 kiloton atomic bomb in mid-town Manhattan. This is a bomb with approximately half the yield of those that the USSA military dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945, in the concluding days of the war against Japan.

Listen to me very carefully: I am telling you as plainly as I can that if such an attack occurs in New York City, or Chicago or San Antonio or St. Louis or Atlanta or Indianapolis or Little Rock or Las Vegas or Boise, etc. that it is extremely likely to be a false flag attack to be used as a *fake* casus belli, or cause for war, intended to whip the people of the USSA into a nuclear war hysteria, to be used as putative justification for initiating nuclear warfare against Russia or China or North Korea or Iran or ..... against whomever the Pentagon, CIA, New York Times and Donald Trump will (falsely) say did the dastardly deed(s).

The truth is that the century-long Ponzi scheme called the "United States Federal Reserve Note", also known in our time as the petro-dollar, the so-called international reserve currency, is failing fast and falling hard, losing more and more market share all over the world with every passing month and year.

The USSA Empire based in Washington, DC, New York City, Tel Aviv and other filthy rat holes around the world does not fight fair. It is not fair and it certainly is not honest. On the contrary it is vicious, psychopathic and satanic.

So it will not go quietly into the night. It will not meekly fold up its tents and slink contritely away.

Oh, no, not at all.

Use It Or Lose It

The ruthless game of musical, petro-dollar chairs is swiftly drawing to a close and so we can expect a hyper-violent denouement on the part of the main player(s): the USSA and associated vermin in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Brussels, and so forth. The game is for political, military and economic control of the planet, so they will pull out all the stops, or try to.

If they were prepared to sacrifice 3,000 people on 9/11 (and they did) to initiate a series of wars in the Middle East and North Africa, what are they prepared to do to initiate nuclear warfare for control of the whole planet?

Have no illusions about the vicious game afoot and how unimaginably cruel it is and can be. 

Have no illusions about who and what you are seeing as the so-called "leadership" of the USSA and the European Union and NATO, beginning with that foul creature known as Donald Trump, but certainly not ending with *it*. 

As their economic clout vanishes, as the petro-dollar tanks, and that is about to occur on a mind-numbing scale, and with dizzying velocity, they will be sorely tempted to use what remains to them: their nuclear arsenal, before everything collapses around them and they are booted from power by rampaging mobs, who will finally realize the grotesque extent of that centuries-long, ongoing hideous crime, euphemistically known as the "United States".

Hence the danger that these pestilential entities, known as "leaders" or the "ruling elite", will unleash nuclear warfare, or try to, and will do so under the most violent, false pretense(s) that they can arrange, to wit: one or more nuclear false flag attacks.

You have been warned.

The Nitty-Gritty of Gotham Shield 2017

Many agencies, at the local, regional, state and federal level, will take part in the Gotham Shield exercise in the coming week or two. Here, in no particular order, are some of the official notices and references I was able to find on the web.

Gotham Shield 2017 will take place in the spring of 201. It's going to simulate a 10-Kiloton explosion in New York City and Northern New Jersey, look at sheltering, evacuation, communications and infrastructure impacts and things of that nature as part of the Department of Defense Start-of-the-Century exercise series.(source: )

Well, well, Gotham Shield 2017 is identified as part of the Pentagon's "Start of the Century" exercise series.

Would the Pentagon's "Start of the Century" exercise series have anything to do with the infamous "Project For The New American Century" (PNAC) developed by a Neo-Con cabal lead by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, in the years leading up to the 9/11 attacks, and which plainly talked about the need for a new Pearl Harbor attack to improve the technological and operational capabilities of the USSA's military -- a role that the 9/11 attacks in fact fulfilled?

I smell a nuclear rat. Do you?

Here's another document, minutes from a meeting of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) about emergency nuclear preparedness that briefly mentions Gotham Shield 2017. Note: IND stands for "improvised nuclear device."

Support IND exercises by model cities; use window of opportunity to reach people on the sidelines (e.g., Gotham Shield 2017 as teachable moment)
(source: )

So Gotham Shield 2017 will be a "teachable moment", a "window of opportunity." The document mentions "IND exercises by model cities". 

Improvised Nuclear Device exercises by model cities. That's what the document says. Whatever could that mean? And what if the IND exercises go live, in selected "model cities"?

Here's a dandy from the U.S. National Response Team and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

• Gotham Shield 2017– FEMA-led exercise, April 18 -May 5

Linked to several other DOD and DHS/FEMA response and recovery exercises – 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered safe during the DOD Vital Archer Exercise, one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, and one smaller detonation on the US/Canadian border.

( source: )

Four nuclear devices and one successful 10kt detonation in the New York City/New Jersey area and a smaller detonation on the US/Canadian border, sometime within the next two weeks. Is it a preparedness drill or a false flag preparation or ...? I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Here's a notice from the Health Care Association of New Jersey:

Health Care Association of New Jersey
April 6 at 11:02am ·

EXERCISE - Operation Gotham Shield/Improvised Nuclear Detonation Incident - April 26, 2017 :: This is a reminder that on April 26, 2017 - HCANJ/LANJ will be participating in "Operation Gotham Shield" in conjunction with our NJESF #8 Partners including NJDOH-PHILEP, New Jersey Medical Services Task Force, Office of the Medical Examiner, NJDHS-Disaster Terrorism Branch, Urban Area Strategic Initiative, as well as, State Office of Emergency Management, local, county and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.

( source: )

A whole smorgasbord of agencies will be involved. 

How about this, from the Eastern Region helicopter Council:

Operation Gotham Shield 2017 HERP Drill 

ERHC Council Members and Volunteers,

On Tuesday April 25th 2017, at 0800 the Gotham Shield Exercise will take place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford NJ. This exercise will simulate a large scale terrorist attack on the NY/NJ metropolitan area with MetLife Stadium serving as a triage/collection point for victims and emergency response personnel. This will be a large scale event with numerous federal, state, county and local agencies participating.
( source: )

The explosion of a 10-kiloton *terrorist* nuclear device in a city in the USSA has long been planned for by federal agencies. Please see the following, from the Homeland Security Council,  archived at , for an example of the type of planning documents that have been floating around for years:

In this scenario, terrorist members of the Universal Adversary (UA) group assemble a gun-type nuclear device using highly enriched uranium (HEU) – used here to mean weapons-grade uranium – stolen from a nuclear facility located in the former Soviet Union. The nuclear device components are smuggled into the United States. The 10-kiloton nuclear device is assembled near a major metropolitan center. Using a delivery van, terrorists transport the device to the central business district of a large city and detonate it. Most buildings within 1,000 meters (~ 3,200 feet) of the detonation are severely damaged. Injuries from flying debris (missiles) may occur out to 6 kilometers (~ 3.7 miles). An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) damages many electronic devices within about 5 kilometers (~ 3 miles). A mushroom cloud rises above the city and begins to drift east-northeast.

( source: )

The question is, with the accession of Donald Trump to the presidency of the USSA, coupled with a simultaneous decline in the economic clout of the USSA petro-dollar and a perceived need to more actively confront other world and regional powers militarily, has the Deep State, under the guise of the Pentagon's Start of the Century exercise series, referred to above, decided to take live one or more "Improvised Nuclear Device" exercises, in one or more "model cities" as a "teachable moment" for the public at large?

Based on the murderous events of 9/11 and their bloody aftermath in the Middle east and North Africa over the last 16 years, and in view of the massive, growing, public evidence that the USSA and its military allies are preparing for military conflict with China, Russia, Iran, Syria and North Korea, I believe that we must take the possibility of nuclear false flag attacks against cities in the USSA very serious.

If such do occur my immediate suspicions will fall on the CIA, Pentagon, Mossad, FBI, DHS, FEMA, and so forth. The usual suspects, in other words. Who else has the motive and the means?

War is what they do. Evil is what they are.


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

What Comes Next?

In a word: change. Very big change. 

All that remains to be determined is the nature of the change and its precise timeline.

Of course the threat of major warfare, possibly even nuclear warfare, looms large these days, not least on and around the Korean peninsula. The United States and its allies are right now building up a very large military force,  and bruiting their plans to imminently "resolve" the North Korean "problem" via military means, though an objective observer strains to identify even one case of the allegedly war-like North Koreans invading another country, while the USSA has willy-nilly been destabilizing, invading and destroying one nation after another for the better part of two centuries now, directly or in league with proxies and mercenaries, beginning with the Native American peoples of North America, and then continuing on to menace the entire planet: the Philippines, Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Chile, Cambodia, Iraq, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, (what used to be) Yugoslavia, Yemen ..... It never ends, and now the USSA is on the verge of launching another major war in East Asia.

So which country, in reality, most jeopardizes international law and order? 

Clearly, it is the USSA which is by far the greater danger, rampaging around the world for well more than a century now, killing, wounding and impoverishing countless millions, as it imposes "peace" and "democracy" \sarcasm\ at gunpoint and repeated carpet bombings.

Context Is Everything

Like everything, there is the reality of the situation and the meta-reality of the situation. As you look around the world, you can see a discernible crescendo in current events. The USSA is obviously on the warpath in recent days and weeks, and on a global scale, with first a cruise missile barrage unleashed against Syria, and then the massive MOAB thermobaric bomb dropped in eastern Afghanistan against an ostensible underground Taliban tunnel complex, followed within a short period of time by a very public, test-dropping in Nevada of the USSA military's B-61 nuclear bomb, all of which has transpired against a backdrop of a very public buildup of military force on Russia's western borders and in the region of the Korean peninsula and the Western Pacific Ocean.

So why now? 

It has to do with the Law of Exponents and the rapidly quickening pace of other developments, that underlie, or should I say "overlay", the visible events that attract so much sensational attention.

Indirectly, much of what is happening in the news has to do with the revelations of Edward Snowden about the NSA's virtually all-encompassing surveillance of everyone and everything on this planet; and also with the recent Wikileak's "Vault 7" revelations about the CIA's virtually all-encompassing surveillance of everyone and everything on this planet.

Here's the way it works: beyond the not inconsiderable societal control aspect of digital totalitarianism, is the equally sobering, global,  vacuum cleaner-like collection of astronomical reams of data of every variety to the finest level of granularity possible -- on everything and everyone, from A to Z --  population size, poverty rates, riot and civil unrest rates, crime rates, civil disobedience activity, bankruptcy rates, levels of indebtedness, rate of store closings, church membership and attendance, rate of social media usage, cell phone usage, Internet connectivity, electricity consumption, area of cropland in production, per capita protein consumption, miles of railroads and roads, ocean freight and river barge freight tonnage, coal and hydrocarbon production, literacy rates, autism rates, death and birth rates, marriage rates, divorce rates, levels of individual and family wealth, levels of agricultural production, unemployment rates, rate of robotization of industry, rate of job replacement of humans by A.I. programs and algorithms, rate of growth of sophistication of A.I. self-learning programs and algorithms, rate of growth of nanotechnology, rate of growth of use of self-learning nanobots and other intelligent machine swarms, rates of workplace violence, mental illness rates, drug addiction rates, military spending and armaments, rate of ambient radioactivity in the ecology, deforestation rates, ocean fish stock depletion rates, melt rates of polar ice caps, rate of atmospheric oxygen depletion, rate of atmospheric methane increase, increase in rate of volcanic activity, percent loss of global vegetative cover, increase in rate of earthquakes, increase in violent weather events such as droughts, floods, tornadoes, tropical storms, heat waves and blizzards, rate of wildlife and plant extinction, rate of sea level change, and much, much more --  all to be fed into endless banks of supercomputers and crunched through complex, multivariate algorithms to yield best-fit-answers to questions such as: 

1) When does the biosphere collapse to a point such that human life on this planet is no longer viable? 

2) When does the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific Ocean, and beyond, by the failed nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan become an immediate, public concern that can no longer be contained by official propaganda?

3) When and how does the petro-dollar lose a sufficient percentage of global market share that the USSA's economic and military dominance of the global order is no longer possible?

4) How soon will the myriad gigatons of frozen methane in the permafrost and ocean floors of the Earth's polar regions sublimate and bubble up into the atmosphere, causing runaway changes in atmospheric chemistry and meteorology such that human life is no longer viable?

5) How and how soon does the global interconnectivity of the Internet result in international knowledge networks that seriously threaten the power monopoly of the Powers That Be?

6) How soon and exactly how does the debt-based international economic order fail?

7) As more states acquire nuclear weapons, how soon and how likely is the USSA military to face a confluence of factors that threaten it with sudden military defeat?

8) How soon do robotization and the growing use of A.I. make live human beings superfluous in the global economy, i.e., what is the year in this century when biological humans become obsolescent and the machines take over?

9) When and how does the burgeoning use of nanotechnology overwhelm the human race and the rest of the biosphere on this planet?

And so forth.

What It All Means

The obvious conclusion, even without having access to the reams of data and the supercomputing, algorithmic data crunching capabilities of the alphabet soup agencies, is that we are now very rapidly approaching an Event Horizon -- whence the title of my blog, the Event Horizon Chronicle.

Events of all kinds are moving faster and faster as the global ice caps thin, the frozen polar methane deposits sublimate, wildlife numbers plunge, the great tropical and boreal forests are cut down, the oceans die, unemployment soars, billions of people live in dire poverty, the failed nuclear reactors at Fukushima continue to pour tons of radioactive poisons into the air and sea, levels of global indebtedness reach unheard of levels, etc.

Some experts give the world ten years or less until the global decline and chaos on all fronts becomes so severe that even the most willfully stupid and the most willfully ignorant realize that all around them, the planet is swiftly dying. I am reasonably well informed and I would say that by 2035, at the outside, it all falls irretrievably apart, if humanity continues on its present, unimaginably stupid trajectory. That's just 18 years from now. But I would not argue with those who say we have only ten years left, maybe less. The situation is extreme.

Donald Trump says nothing about any of this. Hillary Clinton says nothing about any of this. Angela Merkel says nothing about any of this. John McCain says nothing about any of this. The Bushes say nothing about any of this. And none of them offer any solutions, apart from the fact that their mental horizons don't even extend 10% as far as mine. And yet they are so-called "leaders". 

Their only solution is for more war, maybe a very big war, maybe even a nuclear war, which could even start tonight or tomorrow, or failing that, next week, or next month, or next year.

The old order is visibly, rapidly failing, on every front, but the only game that the Powers That Be know is death, destruction, exploitation and war, notwithstanding that those are the very worst decisions that they could make.

And so, as is the case in all failing empires, as they feel and see it all slipping away, as their number crunchers come to them and whisper in their ears: "It's now or never! You must decisively use the power you have or irretrievably lose it all!" -- they will be inclined to violently lash out in a desperate attempt to maintain global dominance and control by military means. 

I submit to you that that is exactly what we see happening now. The Powers That Be have crunched the numbers, looked at the broad policy and global issues that I enumerate above and have correctly concluded that in every case, crisis lies just ahead.

But their decision is to employ brute force, great violence, to try to manage this great historical inflection point that is now hard upon us.

Everything has changed, except the mentality and behavior of the so-called "Ruling Elite", which are precisely the reasons we are in this global predicament to begin with.  They are, of all people, the very least qualified to resolve the immense problems that they themselves have created, employing unimaginable violence and oppression over a period of thousands of years. 

And yet they have constructed a power structure that makes it all but impossible for other leadership, with sane, humane, intelligent, human- and Earth-friendly ideas and policies to attain meaningful positions of leadership.

And so, at least in the near term,  we slide towards catastrophe.

What's Needed To Save Humanity and the Earth?
At a very bare minimum the following should be done with alacrity, and at a global level. It doesn't much matter who takes the lead, only that these policies be carried out as soon as possible.

1)  A massive, global reforestation project, with native species having preference. 

2) A massive, global, sea cleaning operation. 

3) A massive, global, de-nuclearization initiative -- weapons, nuclear power plants, uranium mining, it all has to go. 

4) A massive, global, non-GMO, non-chemical, non-factory farming, agricultural movement. 

5) A massive, global roll-out of so-called "free energy" technology, which the compartmentalized Black World has and uses.

6) A global repudiation of nanotechnology and A.I.

7)  Get rid of private, central banking. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS and replace them with an interest-free monetary system.

8) Establish Truth Commissions for the 9-11 attacks, the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations, and other similar false flag events. Criminally try and imprison the perpetrators of these crimes.

This is a bare minimum "to do list" if humanity is to have any meaningful future on this planet.

If these issues are not dealt with then we continue our rapid slide toward terrible catastrophe and the very possible extinction of humanity and destruction of most of the rest of the biosphere and maybe even the planet itself.
Unless humanity reestablishes a conscious bond with the living Earth, neither humanity nor the Earth will long survive. This present "civilization" might have 20 more years until it catastrophically ends. and maybe not even that much time. The coming years of the global climate change, ecosystem collapse, radiation increase, economic collapse, etc. will be just that fast and furious.

Either humanity takes a step up in consciousness and saves itself and the planet or it steps over the precipice into the abyss. These years right now, in the 2010s, are definitive. We are playing for all the marbles, even as our so-called "leaders" are pathetically, pathologically, psychopathically "losing their marbles."


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Saturday, April 8, 2017

One More Trumpie "Buttercup" Sees The Light

Dear Readers, 

I want to offer for your delectation the following e-mail exchange I had yesterday with one of my friends and readers, whom I will call "Buttercup", and who, like millions, is just now suddenly awakening to the troubling realization that: "It's all a big con game. I've been had. Trump's a weak, lying buffoon! He's not what he pretended to be!" 

I now present the e-mails below, in order, without further ado. Read all the way to the bottom for my final response, to which "Buttercup" replied: "This is an excellent analysis. You should put this on your blog." And so here it is, on my blog.


Hi, Richard:

I had hoped for better. Trump said a lot of the right things when he was running for president. Hillary did all the wrong things; she herself is the cause of her loss. Violent racism and idiot bimbos in pink pussy hats somehow didn't appeal to the voters.

Trump impresses me as reasonably bright and a very capable campaigner, but he would not have made all that money if he hadn't had backing from the banksters. It looks like they own him.

Trump's most valued adviser is his son in law, a little weasel who works for Tel Aviv. I read him as shallow; he's just a tool.

So where the hell is our wall? We need two of them, really: one on the Mexican border and one along the bank of the Mississippi.

I believe Trump is going to engage the Russians in Syria. Whoever is really calling the shots thinks the Russians won't opt for nuclear war and can be overwhelmed on the ground by US proxies, perhaps with some help from cruise missiles. Then it's on to Iran.

Meanwhile the US is giving chemical weapons and cluster bombs to Saudia Arabia and also bombing Yemen.

Why is Congress sitting on its hands?

And where are the supposedly imminent pizzagate indictments? Oh wait...Reince Priebus was involved, as was Mike Pence's best friend and nearly every prominent player in DC.

Warm regards,


That's right, "Buttercup", and you're absolutely correct about Hillary.

Why, if she had been elected she would probably already have unleashed an unprovoked cruise missile barrage against Syria or Yemen or something like that ... oh, wait ....

Trump is a fat, ignorant, incompetent, arrogant, weak, indecisive, easily manipulable buffoon.

He's just along for the ride and will reliably do what Goldman Sachs, the flag officers in the Pentagon, and the directors of the NSA, CIA and FBI tell him to do.

This morning the Russian Prime Minister is warning that Russia and the USSA are on the verge of military conflict.

No, sh*t, Jack!!

best regards,
Richard Sauder



Hi, Richard:

Well, Hillary was unspeakable but it starts to look like you were right about Trump. He just launched a missile attack on Syria. His Zionist son in law, that little weasel Kushner, probably had something to do with it. Priebus and Kushner are ousting the real people in the Trump administration, one after another.

What makes Trump think he has the right to order a military strike against a country with which we are not at war, and which has not been authorized by Congress? This is bizarre. I don't understand why he'd do it. Particularly when it was the US proxies who used the gas.

Viet Nam was such a fun experience, I guess Trump wants to repeat it. WW III will be immensely profitable except for the civilians who are forced to pay for it and the people who actually have to fight in it.

And where are those pizzagate indictments? They've been "imminent" for a couple of months now. Priebus has been named as one of the participants. It is known who the participants are but nothing is being done.

Susan Rice may be called to testify under oath about the misuse of classified intelligence for partisan political purposes but nothing will happen even if she provably lies to Congress. It's a charade.

Warm regards,


"Buttercup", the point is that it doesn't matter.

You're still all caught up in the artificially manufactured Trump versus Hillary drama.

It doesn't matter. The Deep State picks whatever slimy piece of excrement it wants to sit in the Oval Office (the Offal Orifice).

It's all rigged. With minor differences in rhetoric or policy, whomever is placed in the White House does as he or she is told.

Your illusion of political choice is just that: an illusion. Your opinion of who is better is irrelevant.

The Deep State does what it wants to do without regard whatsoever for anything you say or do or think.

They don't give a sh*t! War, death, destruction, mayhem, chaos and plunder are the agenda.

And Trump will dutifully comply.

You say that he said the "right things" during the campaign.


"Buttercup", you still do not get it. He said all the things that you have been programmed over a period of many years to think are the "right things". It's all gamed and scripted to cause people like "Buttercup" to say: "He's saying all the right things."


It's a con game of the largest proportions. Are you so tightly trapped in your own MATRIX illusions that you cannot admit or perceive that?

During the campaign last year, you told me that you viewed Donald Trump and that you had a good feel for who he is.

I told you: "Like hell you have! You don't know that man." But you persisted in saying that he was a decent and good man.

I offer you another view (again): he's a slimy, stinky, stupid, weak, pathologically sick piece of sh*t from New York City.

There, fixed it for you (again).

I do want to move on from this. It is painfully, transparently clear who and what Trump is -- and isn't. There is nothing left to debate. The Trumpies are so deeply buried in their denial. I'm through with it.

But, hey, he's just getting started. It's still early days!

And, no, he's a terrible manager. A competent manager would never have appointed to high office the people that he did. Rick Perry as Energy Secretary??? Are you f*cking kidding me??? That nitwit, *ss wipe???? It gets worse from there. Nikki Haley at the UN ... but I repeat myself.

best regards,
Richard Sauder


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